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Sparkledome is a crystal art and design studio founded by Sarah Sparkles located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Specialties include the design and creation of highly detailed custom crystal rhinestone bedazzled embellishments with the ability to transform everyday objects and environments from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Fine Art - Highly detailed crystal rhinestone art objects for home, office, and immersive venue decor.

  • Crystal Art Collection - Crystal rhinestone props and fine art objects available for rentals and purchase.

  • Branded Objects - Custom bling for promotional items & products.

  • Prop Fabrication - Rhinestone bedazzling specialist for any and all objects. Other mediums include: paint, gold leaf, sequin, shell, studs, mirror tile, floral, candles/hot wax, champagne flute towers.

  • Costumes & Accessories - Custom crystal rhinestone embellishment for all wearables. Available to work with select costume designers.

  • Event Decor & Activations - Custom event decor for themed parties, nightclubs, galas.

  • Divination Station - Metaphysical crystal art decor with astrology & tarot readings for special events.

  • Glitter & Bedazzling Station - Glitter & face paint activation, custom accessory bedazzling, with themed decor available.

  • Set Dressing, Installation Art, & Prop Styling - Decor for TV, music videos, commercials, store window displays, venues, & events.

For more information about Sarah Sparkles and Sparkledome Studio's current projects and ongoing art adventures

Instagram @Sparkledomestudio

For crystal rhinestone art commissions, event & set dressing inquiries >>

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