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Parades, Parties, and Protests

Parades, Parties, and Protests is a bold tribute to the creative resistance culture of the 21st century. In the wake of the catastrophic 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration, and the Iraq War, resilient visionary subcultures rose from the ashes to spark the largest, most creative protest movement in history. This photo-journalistic account reveals a decade-long exploration of public processions in New York City, war protests, multimedia events that combined art and activism, all-night dance parties in warehouses, and pilgrimages to festivals in remote parts of the country.


At a time when many alternative voices were shut out of the mass media and with civil liberties increasingly under fire, these grassroots events became a driving force in disseminating information and cultivating an uplifting and transformative culture. In the face of adversity, millions of people from around the world came together, daring to create the world they dreamed to live in. This is their story.

Sarah Sparkles author of Parades, Parties, and Protests, photojournalism

Bold & Inspirational View Into Modern Day Creative Resistance Culture

Very compelling reading coupled with fantastic illustrations.  One can't help becoming immersed in the ideas & motivations behind creative resistance culture & the impact on humanity. The book is itself a fine piece of art & wonderful conversation piece! M. Quinlan

The Voice of a Generation

Sarah Sparkles gives life, words, and candid imagery to the birth of a generation of creative culture that is only now gaining recognition and respect in mainstream culture. Ideas of radical self expression, radical inclusion, and creative resistance culture are now blossoming on the world stage; effecting politics, art, the economy, and how we view ourselves in connection to the divine. This book is one of the first of many that will be written to help define a movement that offers inspiration for a new way of living in the world. 'Parades Parties and Protests' is a book that we will be able to give our children to show them how it all began. Kai Altair


Sarah Sparkles chronicles an electrifying time period for art, culture and protests in New York City. With lively photos and captivating stories, this book takes the Reader into the center of the action. Inspiring and thoughtful, Parades, Parties and Protests is a love letter to the artists of New York City and a reminder of the strength that we have as people when we all combine our art and voices to make a change. Visionary! A Must-Have book. Veronica Varlow

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